Road Bike Hire Perth

Welcome to Livelo Perth. The West Australian capital may be the most remote capital city in the world, but for cyclists that simply means empty roads, crystal clear beaches, spectacular riverfront rides, and endless sunshine. Bring it on!

Of course, there is no better way to see Perth than spending some quality time on a high-performance road bike. Perth is also home to many Australian professional cyclists, including Giro d'Italia winner Jai Hindley, so it obviously has some pretty good rides to keep your game on. 

Livelo can take the hassle out of your trip to Perth. Hire one of our fleet of high-performance road bikes and it will be set up to your measurements, fitted with your accessories and delivered to your hotel concierge the evening before your first ride. Livelo can also arrange a local cyclist to ride with you, guaranteeing an exceptional cycling experience. Pack your shoes and kit (that's all you'll need) and get ready for some quality road cycling. 

It's that easy.


    Enjoy riding a high-performance Cervelo C3 Disc with Ultegra Di2.  It's the perfect bike for the exploring Perths river rides, beaches and the hills.

    Your hire bike will be setup to your rider profile, including pedals, helmet and accessory options. 

    Pickup from Livelo or have your bike delivered to your hotel concierge the evening before your ride.



    Book one of our trusted guides to take you on a guided ride in Perth.

    Your Livelo guided ride is a one-on-one experience designed to suit your riding style, start time and duration.

    Your ride will start and finish at your hotel. 

    Yes, riding in Perth is that easy!



    Browse our selection of Perth's best road cycling routes. 

    From the beaches to the hills, there is something for everyone in Perth. 

    Swann River Loop - 38 m / 61 km

    CBD to Perth Hill Loop - 75 m / 121 km

    Perth CBD to Beelu National Park 62 m / 99 km