Group Rides

Lively Road Bike Rental Rent Booking and Hire Group Rides

Livelo's believes group rides should be free. 

Paying to join a group ride is a bit like paying to go for a swim at the beach, it's just not right.

If you are an experienced road cyclist, Livelo will put you in contact with a local bunch ride. Some of these are lead by a Livelo staff member, others by experienced local cyclists. 

When you book your rental bike, simply mention in the comment box that you would like to join a group ride.

If you have a Strava profile share that with us. It will help ensure that you will not be placed with a group that is too slow for you or on a ride with terrain that is not to your liking.

You Livelo staff contact will share the details about the group, their typical ride routes etc. 

Then all that is left to do is to meet at the designated meeting spot 15 minutes prior to your booked time. Most bunch rides in Australia depart at 6am, earlier in Brisbane to avoid the heat of the day. 

If you have not participated in a group ride previously, or if you feel that your jet lag combined with the Australian heat may add up to case of 'bad legs', check out Livelo's guided ride option. It's a private ride at your pace, over your terrain, to your chosen destination, with a great local cyclist to ride with you.