Corporate Membership Pricing


Select the membership level that corresponds to the estimated number of rentals you will use each month. 

The company pays the monthly membership fee.

Typically memberships are paid out of the Travel, Wellbeing or Benefits budget. 

Memberships can be managed at the business group level or the benefits can be enjoyed company-wide. 

Bike Rental

Option 1: The Company Pays for your Rentals

Your company pays for all, or a set amount, of members rentals while on business travel. The rental costs will be included in the monthly membership charge. 

Option 2: You Pay for your Rentals

If members pay for their own rentals, they still have access to the following corporate membership benefits.


Members receive up to 15% discount off our published bike rental prices. 

Free Insurance

Enjoy free bike insurance on your ride.

Livelo Concierge

Traveling to a location that is not yet serviced by Livelo? We will still arrange a bike for you. Just tell when and where you are traveling and Livelo will organise a bike and ride for you.

Custom Routes

We design custom cycling routes (on Strava or Garmin) that depart from your hotel to your preferred destination. Not sure where to ride, Livelo can provide you with the best local advice on routes, terrain, road conditions, photo-ops, coffee stops and much more.

Personal Cycling Locker

If you are a regular traveler to a city you may wish to leave some of your personal equipment with Livelo (helmet, shoes, bottles etc). Your items will be delivered to your hotel with your bike. 

Express Booking Process

Once you are signed up for a Corporate Membership you can book your Livelo bike via our exclusive members-only booking platform.

Simply tell us your location and your start and finish dates and you are done. Placing an online booking has never been easier. 

Livelo for Business (not included Sprinter Membership)

Would you like to 'network ride' with a member of a specific company?

Or maybe you would you like to provide a member of a particular company with a Livelo gift voucher and take them out for a ride when they are next in your city?

Livelo knows who the executive riders are in 1000's of companies and can do the (subtle) matchmaking for you. That's Livelo for Business.

Rain Check (not in Sprinter or Classic Membership)

If the weather makes it impossible to ride outside, Livelo will supply your bike with a turbo trainer and training mat. Download the Zwift IOS or Android APP and the horrors of hotel those gym bikes are behind you.

Staff Cycling Club (Grand Tour Membership Only)

Livelo will establish, curate and maintain your company staff cycling club. 

Your bespoke company cycling club APP introduces, supports and motivates cyclists of all shapes and sizes across your entire company team, (all cyclists, not just the roadies). 

Your Company Cycling Club will provide motivation and a sense of community to maximise the performance, environmental and health benefits that cycling can bring to your company

  • Company Cycling Club App - exclusive to your company.

  • Bike education, training, advice, motivation, and exclusive equipment offers from our partners.

  • Ride to work assistance programs - route design, ride assistance.

  • Cycling teamwork sessions.

  • Data and analytics reporting health and productivity outcomes resulting from activities tracked on your corporate cycling club. Reports are available on individual, group and company level outcomes.
  • Support for your corporate ride program.