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Road Bike Hire Hobart

Performance Road Bike Rental Hobart

What better way to experience the stunning beauty of Tasmania than exploring the area on a high-quality road bike?

Whether it's the scenic views from atop Mt Wellington or the mesmerizing expanse of the River Derwent, hiring a road bike from Livelo well help ensure you do it with ease and style. 

Livelo will supply you with a high-performance road bike. Your bike can be delivered to your hotel the afternoon prior to your ride and Livelo will set it up to your specification:

  • your choice of pedal options
  • water bottles
  • lights
  • Garmin mount
  • saddle bag with spare tube, Co2 levers and multi-tool. 
  • free delivery to hotels in the Hobart city centre and delivers outside this zone at a modest price.