Introduction to Road Bike Cycling


New to road bike cycling or looking to get started? Have a friend, family member or work colleague that you know would enjoy the excitement and health benefits of road cycling?

Livelo provides personalised Introduction to Road Bike Cycling training programs. 

Our training programs are individually tailored to the riders skill level and cycling experience. Each program is designed to instil confidence in the rider and includes:

  • Fitting the rider to the correct size bike (if hiring a Livelo bike)
  • Introduction to equipment – safety check and basic operations
  • Cycling skills
  • Road rules and traffic interaction
  • Riding in parks and on bike paths
  • Riding on road
  • Riding in groups and group etiquette 

Typically the course are conducted over three sessions with option to extend if more tuition is required.

Session One - Bike function and park riding

  • Bike set up
  • Bike equipment
  • Bike safety check
  • Bike use - gears and brakes
  • Preliminary ride

Session Two​ - Park riding and technique

  • Recap
  • Riding technique - shifting, appropriate gear ratio selection, braking, emergency breaking, cornering, advanced cornering, climbing / descending, riding in pairs

Session Three - Park and road riding and etiquette

  • Riding on road with traffic conditions
  • Road riding technique
  • Road riding etiquette
  • Group riding etiquette


Total cost per sessions including bike and equipment rental is $180.

The course will be conducted at a nearby cycling park at time that suits you. Your instructor will meet you at the location with your bike. 

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