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Road Bike Hire Brisbane

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Performance Road Bike Rental Brisbane

Wow, what a surprise! Brisbane is definitely the best-kept cycling secret in Australia (oops, until now).  Whether it's the spectacular botanical gardens, the river, or the mountains, Brisbane has it all. If you are a keen cyclists and traveling we highly recommend renting a nice Bianchi road bike and making the most of this opportunity.

Spectacular 30-50km ride on the separated bike path, 200 meters from my hotel lobby - Check.

5km climb through native bushland, 8km from my hotel lobby - Check.

Unforgettable ride through a subtropical hinterland to the Sunshine Coast - Check.

Perfect cycling weather all year round - Check

A very healthy and friendly group riding scene - Check.

High-quality Bianchi road bikes available to rent - 24/7 

What else can we say - get a bike and get pedalling!