2022 Akagi Hill Climb Event Tour

2022 Akagi Hill Climb Event Tour

Mount Akagi Hill Climb Event Tour

Ride the 12th annual Akagi Hill Climb Event with Livelo Japan on our exclusive cycling tour.

Enjoy an unforgettable tour experience that includes the Hill climb event, where you’ll explore stunning mountain sceneries, and a Japanese cultural immersion through traditional foods and local attractions. 

Livelo has 5 places available for this tour. DON'T MISS OUT.

About the Hill Climb Event

The Akagi Hill Climb Tournament brings together 2000+ race participants and is one of Japan's leading hill climb races. It is set in Mt. Akagi, a mountain in Gunma Prefecture known as one of the Jomo Sanzan, or Three Famous Mountains of Gunma. 

The course for the Akagi Hill Climb Tournament runs up from Maebashi city area to the summit of Akagiyama on Prefectural Road 4. The route distance is 20.8km and the altitude difference is 1,313m. 

In addition to its abundance of natural beauty, Mount Akagi is a dormant volcano that boasts gentle long slopes and numerous peaks. It stands as a famous symbol of the Gunma prefecture, which is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes and high-quality hot springs. Its highest peak, called “Kurobisan,” holds an elevation of 1,828 meters where one can also find the sacred Akagi Shrine nearby. The “aka” in “Akagiyama”—the Japanese word for Mount Akagi—means red and there are many folk tales about the origin of the name. In popular culture, Mount Akagi has made appearances in various manga and anime. Mount Akagi is a popular tourist attraction and is perfect for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

4 Day All-Inclusive Tour Built Around Akagi Hill Climb Tournament

Livelo Japan has procured 5 confirmed slots for the Annual Akagi Hill Climb Tournament and offers a cycling tour built around this event. The tour lasts 4 days and 3 nights and runs from September 24 to 27. The package includes food, snacks, lodgings, luggage transportation, a support vehicle, a ride captain, an onsen hot-spring experience, event entry fees, a local guide and a complimentary memento hill climb jersey. We will visit must-see attractions including the Houtokuji Temple, Fukiware Falls, and Nikko Toshogu (world heritage).

Key Points About the Tour

 An unforgettable 4 Days 3 nights cycling tour including the Akagi Hill Climb Tournament

 Estimated total of 200km riding distance 

 Ride guide, support vehicle, and luggage transportation provided

 Includes all required lodgings for the Mount Akagi Hill Climb event and tour

 Meals, snacks and beverages included (additional alcohol at own cost)

 Visits the Houtokuji Temple, Fukiware Falls, and Nikko Toshogu (world heritage) amongst other attractions

Hill Climb Cycling Kit

Hill Climb Commemorative Jersey

Receive an exclusive Livelo Akagi Hill Climb Jersey at no cost with your booking!


Shorts: a limited number of matching Bib shorts are available to order for $90 USD. Further details will be provided when you place your tour booking.

Attractions & Destinations

Destinations to be visited on this tour:

• Houtokuji temple is a Zen temple built in around 1450 and can be considered one of Gunma’s hidden gems. It is located in Kiryu, Gunma and is known for its polished wooden floor that reflects the beautiful maple trees outside. The resulting image is a stunning reflection of the natural foliage shining on the floor. There is a beautiful manicure rock garden outside as well. The Houtokuji temple is simply breathtaking and will leave you in a state of awe and peace.

• Fukiware falls is located in Numata, Gunma Prefecture and is sometimes known as the “oriental Niagara Falls.” It is a 7 meter high and 30 meter wide waterfall and is a nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty and a Natural Monument. The waterfall is a product of many years of water erosion - the erosion of bedrocks on the riverbed cause many cracks to form and the largest one has become the Fukiware Falls. The powerful flow of the waterfall and the beautiful surrounding scenery is bound to leave you in awe. Admire the Fukiware falls from atop the suspension bridge or right next to the waterfall for a truly enthralling experience.

• Nikko Toshogu is a Shinto shrine in Nikko, Tochigi prefecture, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its golden gate (Yomeimon) and elaborate wooden carvings. The magnificently decorated shrine complex is in the midst of a beautiful forest and enshrines the famous samurai Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Ieyasu is remembered as one of the three great unifiers of Japan and is venerated here as the deity Tosho Daigongen, which means "Great Deity of the East Shining Light." As a military hero, Ieyasu is one of the most important figures in the nation’s history and has had a significant influence on Japanese culture. From admiring the shrine’s famous five story pagoda to deciphering the stories behind the intricate carvings, Nikko Toshugo’s rich architecture and religious significance never fails to leave a lasting impact on visitors. 



Day 1

Getting there: The ride tour starts and ends at Akagi station. To get there, we recommend taking the New Tobu Rivaty Ryomo direct train departing from Tokyo Skytree station at 7:43 AM to arrive at 9:37 AM at Akagi Station.  

Train cost as of date: 1215 JPY + 1250 JPY reserved seat.

  • 10:00 AM Akagi Station meeting briefing
    • Please wear cycle clothes under training wear or bring a change of cycle clothes to be ready to start riding from the station. A support car will be available to transport all your belongings to the hotel.
  • Bike fit and test rides around Kiryu, Maebashi vicinity
  • ​Visit Houtokuji Temple, known for its polished wooden floor that reflects the outdoor trees
  • Check-in to hotel Maebashi, Gunma
Day 2
  • 7:00 AM start Hill Climb
  • Ride down back side to Oigami
  • Hike Fukiware falls trail
  • Check-in to Gorokaku Onsen Ryokan

      Day 3 

      • Ride to Nikko 
      • Visit Nikko Toshogu Temples and Shrines
      • Check-in to Japanese Ryokan
        Day 4
        • Return ride from Nikko to Akagi station


          Cost and Inclusions

          • Total Cost Per Person: $2,200 USD

          • What's Included?

             Road bike

             Hill climb race entry fee

             Hill Climb Jersey


             Onsen hot spring fees



             Support car & tools

             Luggage transportation

             Mechanical support

             Ride captain

             Local tour guide/driver

             One back up E-bike

          • What's Not Included?

             Train/flight tickets

             Travelers and medical insurance

             Additional lodging expenses

             Additional alcohol

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          Livelo Cancelation Policy

          Livelo’s cancellation policy is detailed in our terms and conditions. In addition to those terms, if  you are unable to enter Japan to participate due to a change in the Japanese Government's border entry rules, we will provide a full refund.

          Japan’s COVID-19 Measures

           Japan's borders are currently closed to independent tourists. Livelo Japan is closely monitoring the situation and we are optimistic that borders will open by the date of the hill climb event. Click here for current updates and more information

           As of June 1, 2022, travelers from the United States are exempt from all COVID-19 measures (on-arrival test, home quarantine, etc.) regardless of vaccination status

           Requirements for travelers from all other countries depend on that countries’ categorization (Red, Yellow, and Blue) under the Japanese government. Check your country’s status here

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