Concierge Bike Storage and Care

Thank you for working with Livelo to deliver your guests an exceptional experience during their time at your hotel. 

We appreciate you taking the time to discover a little more about the best way to store and care for the Livelo bike that is in-house with you. 

The Bike

You guest is renting a high-performance road bike from Livelo.

Most of our bikes retail for more than $6,000. Yes, that is a lot of money. 

As you have probably already discovered the bikes are also very light, a result of the latest carbon fibre technology.

Carbon fibre is very light in weight, has great tensile strength and rigidity, but is very fragile, a small knock with a hard object can crack the frame, rendering it a write-off. The frames have very light paintwork as well which makes the frames easy to scratch. 

Next to the frame, the 'rear derailleur' is the most fragile part of the bike and the easiest element to get damaged during storage. The derailleur makes the gears change on the bike and is easily bend if impacted by a suitcase or if the bike is dropped. Please check how the derailleur is positioned in relation to other items in the storage area. 


If hotel policy permits, it is best if the bike can be stored in the guest's room. The bikes are kept very clean and should not harm the room at all. 

If the bike is to be kept in a storage area, please use a locked storage space. If you have bike racks, they help keep the bike stored in a good position.

If you do not have racks please lean the bike against a wall with the derailleur side of the bike facing the wall. Please position with the bars and saddle leaning against the wall.

Livelo can supply your hotel with free bike hangers to make storage of bikes at your hotel easier, safer and more space efficient. Livelo will supply and instal the hangers free of charge.

To contact Livelo about bike storage, partner programs or any of the other services, please email us at