3 moves to try with your ab-roller to sculpt your core

3 moves to try with your ab-roller to sculpt your core

3 moves to try with your ab-roller to sculpt your core:

1 Tool. 3 Moves. 1 sculpted core. Wondering how? Rent Livelo’s Ab-Roller for $24.95, and test out the moves yourself! 

The Ab-Roller is the perfect tool to activate your abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms and back. Whether you’re new to working out, or you workout regularly - this is great for all fitness levels for a fun, intense workout. 

Move 1: Kneeling roll out

First, grab an exercise mat (Buy Livelo’s yoga mat for $39.95) to provide for a soft yet sturdy ground to provide your body with support. Place your knees on the ground, with your shins lifted. Ensure both hands are gripping the ab-roller handle. Make sure you engage your core, and keep your arms straight. Begin to roll outwards away from your core, making sure to not arch your back. Roll back to the starting position.


Move 2: Angled roll out

This move is quite similar to the one above; however, the only difference is that you’ll be rolling out at an angle. Adopt the same stance as the move above. Begin by rolling 45 degrees to the right, roll back to center, and then roll 45 degrees to the left. Repeat at least 5 times to really feel that burn! 


Move 3: Ab wheel plank

Strengthen out those stability muscles, and test out your balance. Begin on your mat, and slowly come up on all fours. Grab the handles with both hands, and push your torso up into a plank position. Make sure your hips aren’t arching too low or too high. You want to aim for a straight line. Hold this position for 45-60 seconds. 


     Rent Livelo’s Ab-Roller for $24.95

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