Livelo San Mateo

We are very excited to launch Livelo San Mateo. In this blog post we provide a brief overview of San Mateo's geography, climate, cycling infrastructure and must-cycle places; road bike routes and trails and, lastly, what Livelo offers in this Californian city in the United States.

San Mateo is located in the central Peninsula area of the San Francisco Bay Area. There's opportunity to cycle in nearby mountains or urban routes in the larger Bay Area. The city has a generally hot climate. July is the warmest month on average, with an average high of 82 F / 28 C and an average low of 56 F / 13 C. January is the coolest month on average, with an average high of 58 F / 14 C and an average low of 40 F / 4 C. San Mateo is part of the San Francisco Bay Trail, a 500-mile cycling and walking path that encompasses the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Must-cycle places include Highway 1 and Old La Honda Road.

Livelo has mapped out several routes based on length and time--Highway 1 and the Coast; Sawyer Camp and San Andreas Trails and Waterdog Lake Park. Highlights from each route are its fondness by locals, the ability to venture into Fifield-Cahill Trail for a dirt route and the presence of technical trails, respectively.

Livelo is a premium road bike rental service in San Mateo. The rental includes all accessories (pedals, helmets, spares) and we offer a range of delivery options. The bike will be set up to your specific measurements.

Livelo offers a range of bikes from Trek. Your bike will be set up to your specifications and delivered to your hotel the afternoon prior to your ride.

Additionally, Livelo offers bike rentals for RBC GranFondo Silicon Valley and 3-hour and full day (6-hour) customized guided road bike tours. 


 San Mateo Guided Ride

Book a Livelo domestique, a local rider, to meet you at your hotel and guide you on a sensational one-on-one ride. The speed, route, elevation, photo ops and the coffee stops are designed to meet your needs. It's an unforgettable experience.



San Mateo Road Cycling Routes

We have a selection of epic Strava routes for riders of all abilities and interests.

San Mateo Road Cycling Routes