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Livelo has the perfect road bike for you to rent for this year's MS Gong Ride.

A successful Gong Ride is all about preparation. While you can work on your general fitness in the lead up to the Gong ride there is no substitute for building up the number of km's you ride. This not only ensures your legs and lungs are ready for the task ahead but just as importantly your bum is also tuned-up for a full day in the saddle and your bike handling skills are also where they need to be. When it comes to the climbs and descents you need to be the master of your brakes and gears.  

Bike Options

Bianchi Infinito CV

Infinito CV is Bianchi's range-topping endurance bike, featuring Bianchi's patented CV damping technology, which reduces feedback from the road and with it, rider fatigue. 

Bianchi Oltre XR3

Bianchi's Oltre has raised the bar for the aero road category. It moves beyond checkbox features like racing geometry, aero tube profiles, and a stiff driveline by adding Bianchi’s exclusive Countervail vibration cancellation for greater control, more effective rider positioning, and long distance comfort.

Two Rental Durations

Select from our Gong Weekend or Gong Ultimate package which combines 2-weekend rentals at a great rate. 

Gong Weekend Deal

Collect your Bianchi Infinito CV on the Friday 1 November and return in on Monday the 4th. From $260

Two Weekend Deal

Our Gong Ultimate is a 2-weekend deal. Enjoy training on your Bianchi a full weekend in the lead-up to the Gong Ride and the weekend of the Gong Ride. It's the perfect preparation and great value with prices starting at $350 for the Bianchi Infinito CV. 

Book Now to guarantee your bike at this great price for the MS Gong Ride. We will contact you to arrange the date for your rental weekend in the lead up to the event. 

Bike Collection

Your bike will be available to collect from our Ultimo location from Friday afternoon. We will email you the address when your booking is finalised.

For 2019 we are providing the option to have Livelo collect your bike from the ride finish in Wollongong. If you would like Livelo to collect your bike, just this address as your delivery address (yes, we know, we will be picking up from you). Lang Park, Marine Dr, Wollongong NSW 2500


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