The Caad10: An Original Without Imitation.

The Caad10: An Original Without Imitation.

You may have noticed that you never see any advertising for the Cannondale Caad10. Funny that! 

Caads really do sell themselves. Combining light-weight, stiffness and sublime road handling (surpassing bikes 5x the price - we know because our clients keep telling us).

The Caad also demonstrates an attribute that appears lost to cycling in the modern age - toughness. Yes, you can push your Caad beyond your limits (not its) and safely ride away.

So the more other manufacturers try to copy the Caad, the more it becomes obvious that it's an original without imitation. 

Livelo has a small number of ex-rental Caad10s still available. Our Shimano 105 spec bikes are priced at $1,200 and the Ultegra models (with Mavic wheels) are priced from $1,400.

So if you after a new bike, a second bike, or a piece of cycling folklore, contact me to find out what sizes we still have available.

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