On Livelo #2 - Focusing and Saying Goodbye to our Beloved Tokyobikes

Winter is a time of renewal at Livelo. This season we are doubling down on our road bike focus, bringing in a new fleet of 2016 bikes (brand to be announced here soon), opening new locations and looking at new ways to better serve our amazing client-base of travelling road cycling enthusiasts.

As a result, we will be selling our beloved Tokyobikes.

The Tokyobike CS (above) is the brands classic urban road bike, and it's a beauty. The 650mm wheels provide great acceleration, which is just the trick for urban riding, whether it's Tokyo, London, Sydney or Melbourne.

The multi-spoke wheel are strong as all hell. We have had the bikes for 2 years and they have done plenty of riding and not a broken spoke or warped rim to be found. The frame is classic road, slightly elongated for speed and efficiency.

The brakes, shifters and cog set are long lasting and effective and the gearing is fine for all but the steepest and longest of city climbs. 

The styling speaks for itself and is really what the Tokyobike brand is all about. Great colours, nice tyres, quality leather saddles and grips. 

The Bisou (above) is the bike that Matt Blatt would knock of if they did bikes (don't tell me they do). The Bisou replicates all the qualities of the CS, with a dropped top tube, shorter reach and a high handle bar which all combine to create a more relaxed and refined ride. We call it a European style but you may still get some bogan yell out that "you're ridin' a girls bike mate". Sure its not quite as easy to ride up Brooke Street Coogee as the CS but you will look pretty relaxed doing it.  

So if you are in the market for a high quality, stylish city bike and would like to save a few dollars by purchase a well maintained used bike, a pre-loved Livelo Tokyobike may be just the thing for you. All that is left to do now is decide whether it's the CS or the Bisou, and in what colour? 

To discuss the options with us, click on the link below, we look forward to talking Tokyobikes with you.