Strava Local - Best Global Cycling Cities

Strava, the go to app for all your cycling ride data, has moved into the tourist guide business with the launch of Strava Local. 

Strava Local provides great information on the classic cycling routes of each of the nominated global cycling cities - Amsterdam - Barcelona - Berlin - Denver - London - Melbourne - Milan - New York City - Paris - San Francisco - Sao Paulo - Sydney. 

While the methodology behind the selection is not defined, Strava state the guides are "hand-picked based on data from our global community, curated by local athletes."

Accompanying the routes and maps is some interesting data on the number of rides logged into Strava in each week and the number of Kilometers ridden per week.

Livelo thought it would be interesting to combine this data with some population statistics to drill down and see which of the global cycling destinations comes out top when it comes to rider participation.

Here are the results. 

Rides Per Week


Kilometers Per Week


Average Kilometers Per Ride


Ride  Events (annualised) Per Capita


Kilometers Ridden Per Capita (annualised)


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