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Indoor Cycling Rental for Melbourne Hotel Quarantine

We understand the challenges people are facing with COVID19 hotel quarantine and have designed a bike and smart trainer rental solution to help hotel guests maintain their physical and mental health.

Livelo will deliver all the equipment you need to enjoy a fantastic virtual cycling experience during your hotel quarantine. 

You can use the bike just as a stationary bike, or take it to the next level and ride a virtual cycling environment on Fulgaz or Zwift, where the trainer changes the resistance on wheel and you have to pedal harder to get over that (virtual) climb you are riding on your screen. 

To ensure you have your bike and trainer secured for your quarantine, please book with us asap. We have a very limited number of setups available.


How it works.

Livelo provides to options:

1. A Pinarello road bike and classic trainer. 
Here you adjust the 'resistance' on the rear wheel (how hard it is to pedal) and you use the bikes gears to pedal easier and harder. Pump-up the music and like a indoor spin session, but you are riding a real bike.
2. A Pinarello road bike and smart trainer.
Here you connect the bike (via bluetooth) to an app like Zwift or Fulgaz that you download to your phone, ipad or laptop. Or you can rent a Apple TV from Livelo and run the app of your hotel tv monitor.
Using Fulgaz or Zwift, you are then able to enjoy 'virtual' rides where the smart trainer changes the 'resistance' on the bike (how hard or easy it is to pedal) as you ride up mountains, down descents or through valleys.
See the Fulgaz video below to see what this looks like. Setup is easy and Livelo is only a phone call away if you need assistance.



How to order.

  • Complete the form below and we will contact you to finalise your equipment needs and the pricing.
  • Livelo will send you an invoice for payment.
  • We will set your bike and trainer up for you and deliver it to the hotel concierge staff. The staff will then bring the equipment up to your room. 


For more information, complete the form below. We look forward to assisting you. 




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