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Beijing's Best Road Bike Rides

Here are the best road cycling routes in Beijing. Each ride explores the natural beauty and unique biking attributes of the city. 


 BEIJING: MARVELLOUS MIYUN ROUTE - SCENIC RIDE (90.69km / 56.35mi) - 4.5hr

This route starts on the S 310 road and slowly climbs up the Baihe River, twisting and turning as it hugs the mountainside. You will travel through several short tunnels carved out of solid rock where new vistas will appear each time you exit. On your way to the top, you’ll be tempted to stop to capture the breathtaking views.

Livelo Beijing Ride Marvellous Miyun


BEIJING: GREAT WALL ROUTE - SCENIC RIDE (70.15km / 43.59mi) - 3.5hr

This ride follows 20 km of relatively flat country roads before you first see the wall. As you get closer to the wall there will be plenty of opportunities for photos you can post onto Strava. There will be a climb followed by a flowing descent into the Bohai valley. You will also pass through rural villages, allowing you to see the difference in pace and income levels between rural and urban China. 

Livelo Beijing Ride Great Wall


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