Brussels Bike Routes


Looking for a route that explores Brussels' natural beauty and unique cycling attributes? Livelo has mapped out a selection of the best options to suit a wide variety of riders and riding opportunities.
Of course, the routes are just recommendations, please use your own judgment in selecting your riding route and always ride within your limits and to the road conditions of the day.
Enjoy your ride in Brussels and do let us know if we can assist you with a rental bike, a guide to ride with you, or any additional information.


This route is a great option for those who are crunched on time yet still need a quick 2 hour escape. This loop starts off flat and gradually begins to get more challenging with frequent climbs on the last leg of the loop. 

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SOUTHERN FOREST RIDE (86.1km) - 3.5 Hour Route


Riding south out Brussels is a great option for those looking for more of a challenging cycle. This ride features 984 meters of elevation gain and sections of grade that average 10.7%. However, the amount at which this loop demands, the pay off will be equally matched. Cyclists are rewarded at the end by riding under hundred year old shading trees of the Foret de Soignes (Sonian Forest). 


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 Classic Brussels (153.7) - 6 Hour Route


For the most extensive tour outside of Brussels, your confidence, stamina, and cycling ability will be put up to the ultimate test. This 154 kilometer calf- burner offers little downhill sections and doused with short punchy uphill segments. After completing this tour, you will see why this a top pick for the professionals. 


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