Beijing Cycling Routes


Looking for a route that explores Beijing's unique cycling attributes? Livelo has mapped out a selection of the best options to suit a wide variety of riders and riding opportunities.

Of course, the routes are just recommendations, please use your own judgement in selecting your riding route and always ride within your limits and to the road conditions of the day.

Enjoy your ride in Beijing, and let us know if we can assist you with a road bike rental, a guide to ride with you, or any additional information.


BEIJING: 100km RIDE(101.53km / 63.08mi) - 4hr

This route is a fun ride that can be completed with friends and at night. A straightforward path, you will be following one main road. But don't be fooled! You will be riding through an area nicknamed "Death Valley". 

See route here or click the map below.

Livelo Beijing Ride 100km Ride


BEIJING: WENYU LOOP - CITY RIDE (58.37km / 36.27mi) - 3hr

This route would be best traveled in the early morning and on most days you’ll find Beijing cyclists out and about, getting in some valuable ride time before work. It begins at Chaoyang Park, taking the least busy roads out towards Beijing's north-east region. The roads along the Wenyu river are peaceful the perfect place for you to dial up the speed and intensity of your ride, if desired.

See route here or click the map below.

Livelo Beijing Ride Wenyu Loop