Auckland Cycling Routes

Auckland Road Cycling Routes

Auckland's Best Cycling Routes

Looking for a route that explores Auckland's natural beauty and unique cycling attributes? Livelo has mapped out a selection ofour favourite options to suit a wide variety of riders and riding opportunities. We will always be happy to customise a ride route to suit your needs.
Of course, the routes are just recommendations, please use your own judgement in selecting your riding route and always ride within your limits and to the road conditions of the day.
Enjoy your ride in Auckland, and do let us know if we can assist you with a rental
bike, a guide to ride with you, or any additional information.including the location of the best Coffee shops and cafes 


Auckland Inner City Road Cycling Route Strava GPS

This ride is ideal for those riders who just want to get a taste of the city and to take in some of the fantastic waterfront views on offer. Utilizing some of the city's bike paths and a ride down the iconic Tamaki Drive. The route shown here takes the riders up Auckland's two most well known volcanoes, One Tree Hill and Mt Eden for panoramic views cross the city. See the Strava route here.


FaF Auckland Road Bike Route New Zealand GPS Strava

 A friday morning favorite, Heading out on the NW cycleway this ride takes in three loops, and three short climbs, and the descent of the "famous Crows Road". A really fun ride on some amazingly quiet semi rural roads considering how close to the city you are. Awesome views back towards the city and if you are up early enough some amazing sunrises. Heading back to the city you have the choice of stopping at The Little Sisters Cafe , often packed with cyclists on weekends or Daily Bread, for baked on the premises delights, or of course you can visit both ! See the Strava route here.


Doughnut Loop Auckland Road Bike Route New Zealand GPS Strava

The Doughnut loop - So called for the awesome doughnuts served at a Devonport cafe, alas the cafe is no longer pen but huge slices of Banana bread were located at another Devonport Cafe which is now frequented be hungry cyclists. This route takes you out of the city on the NW cycleway and onto semi rural roads around to a fast run down the bays of the North Shore for that cafe stop and a short ferry ride back to the city. See the Strava file hear. 


You asked for hills!!! Auckland Road Bike Route New Zealand GPS Strava
"You asked for hills" - Ask any road cyclist in Auckland and they'll know the Butter Chicken ride up in the Waitakere hills. This is our version taking in a few extra climbs. The great thing with this ride and all rides up in the Waitakeres is that it's really a series of loops so at any time you can cut things short and head for home if the legs aren't feeling it. This ride really isn't for the faint hearted but if you are feeling strong you'll be rewarded with quiet roads, native bush and great views. 
Above are just a few of our favorite rides. We love custom designing rides to suit our customers, so they get the maximum out of their Auckland riding experience. Please don't hesitate to ask. See the Strava file here. See the Strava route here.


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