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Livelo is proud to be able to offer our clients the highest quality equipment and service.

Key to this is Livelo's relationship with Colnago, one of cycling's iconic brands.

Our bike rental clients can choose to ride a 2016 Colnago C60, CLX, CXZero or AC/R.

When you ride a Colnago, you are riding a bike that is designed and built without compromise. From Eddie Merckx many Tour de France wins to Martyn Ashton's outrageous Road Bike Party on board the C59, Colnago is synonymous with cycling's past and future. 

Livelo provides prospective road bike purchasers with an unparalleled test ride programme and we also sell off our fleet of road bikes at the end of each season. A pre-loved Livelo road bike represents a great bike and great value.

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