San Diego Cycling Routes


Looking for a route that explores San Diego's natural beauty and unique cycling attributes? Livelo has mapped out a selection of the best options to suit a wide variety of riders and riding opportunities.

Of course, the routes are just recommendations, please use your own judgment in selecting your riding route and always ride within your limits and to the road conditions of the day.

Enjoy your ride in San Diego and do let us know if we can assist you with a rental bike, a guide to ride with you, or any additional information.

Downtown San Diego Tritonman Ride (27.2 km/16.9 mi) - 2 Hour Route

If you wish to explore San Diego's more popular destinations, jump on your bike and spend some time near Mission Bay Park. 

With a great loop around San Diego's famous Mission Bay Park, the rider can choose to loop around or spend some time in the park for as long as they want. With countless activities, a lively beach and iconic views, this is the perfect ride to get out and explore San Diego. 

This is a ride that brings you closer to nature and you'll discover why so many of people visited San Diego in the late 80's and decide to never leave.

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Bonita Coronado (29.2 km/18.1 mi) - 1.5 Hour Route

With this route running along the shoreline of the famous Silver Strand State Beach, you'll be sure to experience San Diego's ocean breeze.

With long stretches of beach, this route is great to get out of the city and explore the neighboring areas of San Diego. Only a few miles outside of San Diego, Coronado is known for its wide and flat beaches which bring in surfers from everywhere. 

With zero elevation gain, this mostly flat route will allow for countless photo opportunities and is the perfect way to experience more of California's seaside.

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Bayshore Bikeway (36.7 km/22.8 mi) - 2 Hour Route

Beginning in San Diego's harbor, this route boasts views of the San Diego Skyline, Naval Base, Coronado Bridge, and National Wildlife Refuges. Don't forget your camera!

This route includes a Ferry Ride back from Coronado to the San Diego harbor. Costing around $5.00 USD the ferry ride includes spectacular views as well as many locals favorite craft brewery, Coronado Brewing Company. 

While this ride is mostly flat, the length proves to be a truly rewarding workout with views to keep you going. It is recommenced to bring snacks and plenty of water.

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San Diego - Escondido Loop (147 km/91.3 mi) - 6 Hour Route


This 6 hour route takes the rider up the coast to many of the popular destinations surrounding San Diego. Including the stunning La Jolla and Del Mar beaches as well as the Elfin Forest, this route explores some of the most beautiful landscapes California has to offer. 

This 6 hour route has a large elevation gain of 1,648 km with a few large inclines towards Del Mar. 

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