Phoenix Cycling Routes

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SILENT SUNDAY   (46.6 mi / 75 km)


This legendary path is a true cycling haven with a steep challenge to the summit. The road to the summit is reminiscent of one of the world's most renowned road racing ascents. With its steep elevation of 739 meters, this route provide an adrenaline rush even for those who are well experienced. Every Sunday, South Mountains observes its "Silent Sunday," where the park's main roadway will be closed to motor vehicle allowing for cyclists to enjoy a day of safe biking. 

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SOMO X2 (35.4 mi / 57 km)


Enjoy the glorious route of Somo X2 from the center of Phoenix to the steep slopes of South Mountain. With an elevation gain of 930 meters, this route prove to be a good challenge for those who seek it. With a lot of up hills and adrenaline rushing down slopes, this route is perfect for those want to enjoy the beautiful mountain ranges and scenery that Phoenix has to offer! 

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Desert Classic Gravel Trail (14.8 mi / 23.8 km)

A shorter but entertaining trail meant for who seeks an adrenaline rush on the road/gravel paths of Paradise Valley. With a few elevation gain of 201 meters, this route is thrilling.

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