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Noosa Cycling Routes

Noosa's Best Road Cycling Routes 

Lvielo put together a list of the best road cycling routes to explore during your visit to Noosa. The rides below offer a wide range of options to explore the stunning natural landscape of Noosa and Sunshine Coast hinterland.

DATH HENDERSON LOOP (41.86km / 26.01mi)

Need a quick, early morning fix? While the family sleep this is the perfect 40km workout that also gives you a great introduction to the scenic beauty of the Sunshine Coast region. 

SUNRISE LOOP (53.71km / 33.37mi)
TWIN WATERS COASTAL RIDE (61.04km / 38.49mi)
POMONA KIN KIN LOOP (89.06km / 55.34mi)
COORAN LOOP (104.57 km / 64.98mi)
With 1,100 meters of elevation and a 100km of riding this a lovely ride through the picturesque Yurol State Forst. 

NOOSA CLASSIC (178km / 110miles)

Every August the Noosa Classic transforms the usually sleepy town of Noosa into a cycling mini-city with 1200plus cyclists taking part in the event. There are 3 course to choose from and the one we have selected to highlight here is the Long Course, which we have made a little longer but starting and finishing in Noosa Beach where most of our bike rental clients will be based. 

To find out more about the Noosa classic and to enter the 2019 event click here