London Cycling Routes

London's Best Bicycle Rides

London provides visiting cyclists with cycling routes for every occasion. Here are 3 classics we recommend. There is a plethora of cycling opportunities in London for the global cyclist. Livelo can provide you with the bike hire and service to enjoy and fulfil this potential.

A Richmond Park Classic (22.9mi / 36.8km) - 2hr route

Easily adjustable ride intensity and length. Starting at Hyde Park Corner, this ride takes a fairly direct route out of the CBD to the cycle-friendly Richmond Park. With a lap distance of 6.7miles (10.8km) you can maximise your riding time by adding as many loops as you please. A good way to get some quality quick miles under the belt, but be sure to watch out for the native herds of deer. Stop for a coffee at the popular Roehampton Gate Café or head back into London town. Riding along the River Thames, you'll pass Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar square, finishing with a sprint down Pall Mall with Buckingham Palace standing tall at the end. A great option to see many different sides of London and get some good miles in a short space of time.

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Richmond Park (Livelo) to Box Hill (43mi / 70km) 4 Hour Route

Richmond Park to Box Hill Road Cycling Route London Strava

Looking for a ride the out to Surrey and Box Hill? Here is a great 85mil/137km route starting from Livelo's Richmond Park location. This is a medium to high intensity ride that will test those climbing legs. Warm up in Richmond Park before heading south to the lung-busting iconic climbs of Leith Hill and Box Hill. Test your climbing legs out on this hilly route that takes you through scenic Esher and the Surrey Hills before stopping for a well-earned coffee and croissant at the popular Box Hill Cafe before heading back to Richmond Park.

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London to Box Hill (85.6mi / 137.8km) - 5hr route

If you are starting your Box Hill ride in the City of London, this is the route for you.

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London to Bath (108mi / 174km)

Enjoy an exhilarating ride to the ancient city of Bath and recover with a dip in a bath. Not the original Roman version, but you can book into the Thermae Bath Spa, a real treat after a 174km ride - you may very well need it. Stay the night and ride back the next day. Or if 174 in one weekend is enough for you, take the train back to Paddington station - it's a quick one and a half-hour train ride. Thanks to Pearson Performance for this great ride suggestion. *If you are returning your bike on a Sunday, you have to be back by 3pm (all other days, 5pm).

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London to Brighton (53mi / 86km)

An iconic English ride. We recommend making a weekend of it, heading off at a pleasant time after collecting your bike from our Richmond Park location. Spend the night in Brighton and enjoy an early breakfast at one of the many fine cafes before heading off to London (if you are returning your bike on a Sunday, you have to be back by 3pm (all other days, 5pm).

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Regents Park Quick Fix (10.3mi / 16.6km)

If you're confined to riding in the City of London, this easily extendable route covers a short lap of Hyde Park before making its way up to the fast and flat Regents Park. At only 2.8miles (4.5km) for each lap, the park road is relatively traffic free and is generally an efficient use of cycling time when looking to build quick miles. Really looking for ‘no-frills’ ride? then head straight to Regents Park and get lapping!

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