How to rent a road bike in Singapore!

If you are travelling to Singapore, don't miss out on the chance to rent a road bike and enjoy some quality time enjoying the many great rides on the Island.

Here is a helpful guide to renting a bike in Singapore. 



You need to be confident that you are renting a leading brand road bike that is maintained in excellent condition by qualified mechanics. The bike needs to have a high-quality carbon frame, current model Ultegra group-set and tyres in great condition and set at a pressure ready to ride.



Your bike should be supplied with all the necessary accessories to enjoy your ride safely: Garmin or Yahoo mounts, front and rear lights that are USB rechargeable, 2 x bottle cages, bottles, saddle bag, spare tube, Co2 canister, Co2 adaptor, tyre levers, and a multi-tool. And these should be a no charge, do get stung paying extras for these basic items. 



It is important to have your bike set up correctly to suit you riding style and physic. When you sit on your rental bike it should feel as comfortable as your bike back home. Make sure you rental partner helps you take your measurements from your bike and will set them up for you on your rental bike.



Do you really want to travel with your pedals, and the tools to put them on, and just as importantly, get them off when you're rushing to the airport? Make sure your bike rental service provider in Singapore can supply you with the pedal options you need. Speedplay, Look Keo, Time iclic, Shimano SPD-SL road and SPD mtb and of course if you have not brought your cycling shoes, you will need a set of a set of flat pedals or pedals with top clips. 



Delivery is a must have option, not just because its nice to have your bike brought to you, but it may not be possible for you to get to the bike shop before closing. Just as important is getting the bike delivered the day before you start your rental. Most riding in Singapore happens early, so its nice to have you bike by evening so can collect it from your hotel concierge and all is in order. Then when you have finished with the bike, you should be able to simply leave it at your hotel concierge and get on with the rest of your day.



Singapore is a unique and exciting city to ride in and it has a vibrant riding culture. Let's face, there aren't too many locations where you ride around the entire country in one day! So having access to the best routes is important. Your rental partner should share a range of options with you and give you access to the best Strava routes and GPX files that you can sync or upload to your device.  And of course it is a real plus if those routes start in the centre of the city where you will be starting your ride, not in a distant Park that you need another route to locate.



We all know what it is like to arrive in a new location, look around and see lots or great scenery and people out on their bikes, but just not sure if you can master the local conditions with confidence, be that riding on the right side of the road or just simply not getting lost. The ultimate solution to this is a to hire a local rider, a guide or domestique, to ride with you. Not only will they keep you on the right side of the road, they will be able to show you the best local insights, the coffee spots, restaurants and bars, shops and of course photo ops to to document the ride with your new best friend.  



If you want to fly with your carry-on luggage only, you may have to leave your helmet at home. Of course that should not be an issue as your Singapore bike rental provider should be able to supply you with a high-quality lid that keeps you safe and looking sharp. 



When you throw your leg over your bike, you want to be able to trust that it is well prepared and setup up correctly for you. You want a bike rental partner who views this as a long term relationship, not a transaction. You want a partner that does the work, goes the extra mile, and provides you with value for you money; not the just the cheapest price in town, but the best riding experience in Singapore.