Garmin Guide

Getting Started

  1. Turn the device On by pressing the small button on the left side of the device (toward the top, its a small lump).
  2. Device will start up at the Home Screen.
  3. Select the Folder (white box on the bottom left of home screen).
  4. Select Courses.
  5. Select desired Course (City to …)
  6. Review the selected Course if you wish.
  7. Position the bike where it has clear access to satellite (out-doors and clear of any tall structure, the units are a little sensitive to blocking by buildings). See note below if you have trouble acquiring GPS signal.
  8. Select the blue Ride button to begin following the course.
  9. Device will calculate Course. This may take a few minutes.
  10. During this time the device will Acquire Satellite signal.
  11. Select the Start/Stop Button (bottom right of device) to begin recording ride data and to navigate to course.
  12. Follow course via on-screen map (swipe screen to flip between options).
  13. Press Start/Stop bottom to finish recording ride data. Save data
  14. Select the folder and Rides> Last Ride to review data.

 When you are riding

  •  You can select different screen modes to view while riding. Use finger to slide to the next/different screen option.

 Map View

  • When you view the Map various roads are highlighted by default in the map.
  • The device has one arrow which points north and another dark arrow that indicates the position of the bike.
  • The selected route has a light purple colour which is framed by a dark line running along each side.

Data View

  •   This screen shows, speed, cadence, duration, actual time, distance travel.

 Trouble Shooting

  • If the device fails to follow the course, restart the device and start the process again.
  • To return the Home Screen hit the return button on the display screen or tap the lower centre of the home screen to bring up menu.
  • When you receive the message, Tap to Go Back, simply tap the screen. If just returns you to the original map view.
  • You may get an Off Course message. The device is sensitive and may interpret a lane change or riding near the gutter as not riding on the course. Simple tap the message on the screen to remove the Off Course message.
  • If the GPS signal is lost or does not connect. Return to the home screen, on the lower right of touch screen press settings>system>GPS. Turn GPS on, or if on, turn off and then back on again. GPS Signal
  • Once you have started recording the ride, you may bring up the Save/Discard button if you press the Stop/Start button again. If you wish to choose neither and keep riding and recording the course, simply hit the Stop/Start button again.

 Charging the Device

  1.  Plug the supplied cable into the device and plug the other end into a USB device/charger.
  2. If you are charging via a Computer, it is important to Eject the Garmin Folders (there are two, one called Garmin, one called Maps) from your computer desktop before removing the device from the computer.