Emirates Road Cycling Club

Emirates Road Cycling Club

Livelo is proud to support the members of the Emirates Road Cycling Club to maintain a healthy work/life - or flying/cycling - balance. 

One of Livelo's very first customers was an Emirates pilot who walked into our Clarence Street Sydney shop in early 2013, collected his bike and a Garmin GPS and heading straight out to West Head. We were impressed then and continue to be inspired by the enthusiasm and support that Emirates Airlines provides to its employee's health and wellbeing via the development of the Emirates Road Cycling Club. 

As part of our support, we are happy to extend a special discount to Emirates Road Cycling Club members. 

When placing your booking please use the code EMIRATESCC20 to obtain your discount. The code is for exclusive use of Emirates Road Cycling Club members. 

If members have any questions please email emirates@livelo.bike

We look forward to assisting you.