On Livelo #1

Welcome to Live Velo - the Livelo blog - our regular update on all that is new at Livelo, tips on cycling in our cities, plus some other great content that we know you, the travelling cyclist, will love. 

We would really like to thank you for riding with us and joining in the conversation.

Of course, many people ask us, where did the word Livelo come from? I was hunting around for a name for my new cycling business and a friend of mine, Chantal, made a list up of combination words that included the word velo - lovelo, velocity, etc. The list was long and it included the word Livelo, a combination of Live and Velo. Need we look any further? No! As for pronunciation, its a made up work so there is no right our wrong but we pronounce it simply livevelo. 

The great graphic treatment of the name was produced by Michael and Eva at Toko Design, it's a elegant simplification of a rear derailleur that cleverly incorporates the O in Livelo within the logo. We love it. Thanks Michael and Eva and thank you too for reading our first post.

Safe cycling. 

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