San Francisco Weather

San Francisco Weather and Road Cycling

The weather in San Francisco makes it a great place to ride because there is rarely extreme heat.

The city remains fairly cool throughout the year with help from coastal breezes, which makes for enjoyable rides for extended periods of time. During the autumn and winter months, you’ll find that the mornings have less fog and harsh wind and the days have more sun and warmth.

  • San Francisco has a generally dry summer climate, with relatively consistent temperature throughout the seasons.
  • September is the warmest month on average with an average high of 70 F / 21 C and an average low of 55 F / 13 C.
  • January is the coldest month on average, with an average high of 57 F / 14 C and an average low of 46 F / 8 C.
  • Average annual precipitation is 24 in / 60 cm, with the highest precipitation during the months of November to March on average.


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Source: The Weather Channel

Image: Sophia Toussaint


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