3 Benefits of Resistance Bands

3 Benefits of Resistance Bands

Looking to ramp up your strength-training workouts? Pair your next workout with our resistance band sets. This is a great way to activate your muscles, and enjoy some quick warm up drills. Buy Livelo’s resistance band set for $39.95, or add some colour to your workouts with our premium resistance bands for $34.95! With its durability and abrasion resistance material, you can train anytime, anywhere you want.

Help give your body the perfect warm up & stretch before a workout

Get your body energized and ready before your upcoming sweat sesh with a quick stretch using your resistance bands. Loop your bands around the balls of your feet or thighs to activate your leg muscles. You can also use this before your mobility or rehabilitation exercises. This is a great way to provide pain relief to aching muscles, and relieve tension in your joints. 

Improves the quality of your exercises 


With the addition of resistance bands, you can elevate the quality of your workout, and target the necessary muscle groups. This is the perfect time to enjoy a low-rep body workout with a heavy resistance band. This will be the best way to achieve optimal results, and define your muscles. 

Protects your joints & provide support your muscles:


Using resistance bands while training can help lower the impact of your workout, provide your joints with more support and resistance. This helps increase the effectiveness of your strength training exercises, and helps lower the amount of stress placed on your joints with each move. Say goodbye to any future injuries, and say hello to safe training! 


Whether you’re a beginner or have been working out for a while, training with resistance bands is a great way to target your muscle groups, add variety to your workouts, and exercise safely. 

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