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7 Hour Guided Marvellous Miyun Road Bike Tour / Beijing

7 Hour Guided Marvellous Miyun Road Bike Tour / Beijing

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Marvellous Miyun Road Bike Ride Beijing

Livelo offers chauffeured guided road bike tours for cyclists visiting Beijing and who would prefer to have our trusted staff guide them on a personalised road bike tour.

Livelo will collect you from your hotel early in the morning. We drive you and your bike out of the city to a convenient starting point to begin your Marvellous Miyun ride. At the conclusion of your ride, we return you to your hotel in the city. 

The Ride

This ride is designed for those that want the complete Beijing cycling experience. A gorgeous ride, peaceful surroundings and small back road climbs that are almost completely devoid of traffic. To get out to Miyun requires an investment in time – around about two hours drive from the city each way, but makes it well worth every second.

The ride starts at the Heilongtan Scenic Area on the S 310 road and slowly climbs up above the Baihe River. The road twists and turns as it hugs the side of the mountain. You travel through a series of short tunnels carved out of solid rock.

As you exit each tunnel new vistas appear and you’ll notice the road continuing to snake up the mountain on your right. There is just the right balance of up and down to inspire you to get out of the saddle and push over the crests. Once you arrive at the top you’ll be tempted to stop the bike and capture the amazing views.

After 18kms of rolling hills, we turn right up a short sharp little climb on a back road before descending right down to the Baihe river and riding along its banks for another 11kms. We suggest stopping at Liulimiao for a lunch break at a local restaurant and then trace our steps back along the S310 admiring the views from the opposite direction.

We end with a well-deserved downhill to your transport and cold drinks from the local shop. In summer we’d recommend making that a cold Yanjing Beer.


How it works

Livelo provides visiting cyclists with:

  • A fully personalised road bike tour at a pace, distance and duration to suit your requirements.
  • Your driver collects you and your bike from your hotel and returns you to your hotel at the end of your ride. 
  • Drive time to start of the ride - 2 hours.
  • Fabulous photo-ops (if you please).
  • Available 7 days.
  • We recommend starting the day at Start times are flexible, but we really do recommend an early start.
  • Approximate return to hotel 1 pm.
  • Please book a minimum of 2 days in advance.

Please note the guided tour does not include a rental bike.  Please book your rental bike with your guided tour.

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