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6 Hour Guided Road Bike Tour / Palo Alto

6 Hour Guided Road Bike Tour / Palo Alto

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Livelo offers customized guided road bike tours for cyclists who are new to Palo  Alto and would prefer to have one of our trusted staff guide them on a personalized road bike ride.

Our guided road bike tours are fully tailored to your requirements. Tell us what you would like to see, what type of terrain to tackle (or avoid) and how long you wish to ride. The pace of the ride will be set to your comfort level.

So if you are jet-lagged, 'time-zoned', used to riding on the other side of the ride, or just not sure of where to ride - a Livelo guided road bike tour is just the thing for you.

Livelo's Palo Alto routes can be viewed here

How it works

Livelo provides visiting cyclists with:
  • A fully personalized road bike tour at a pace, distance and duration to suit your requirements.

  • Ride our suggested Palo Alto Loop or design your own 6 hour tour.

  • The ride starts from and returns from your hotel.

  • Fabulous photo-ops (if you please).

  • Coffee stop if you like.

  • Available 7 days, please book 3 days in advanced.

  • Ride start times are flexible and can be altered to suit your schedule.

  • Rides typically start at 7am.

  • Limit to 10 riders. Please contact us for larger groups. 

  • To ensure the quality of your ride in Palo Alto we supply two guides for every 2 riders.

Please note - the guided tour does not include a rental bike. Please book your rental bike and a guided tour.