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Livelo Booking Confirmation Details

Thanks again for booking your bike with Livelo. 

We trust you are looking forward to your upcoming ride.

If this is the first time using our service, please read the following information carefully.


If you have booked a guided tour, we will send separate confirmations for your bike rental and guided tour. 

If you have ordered a 2nd a bike for another rider, please check that they have created their own Livelo Rider Profile.

If you have ordered additional bikes in other cities, we will forward a separate confirms for those locations 

Hotel Delivery

If you are staying at a hotel, Livelo will deliver your bike the afternoon/evening prior to your rental start date. 

The bike will be delivered to the concierge desk awaiting your collection.*

Please return the bike to the concierge staff when you have concluded your rental and advise them that Livelo will be collecting later that day. Please have them 'tag' the bike in our name. 

Please confirm that your hotel booking is made under your name. Hotels may reject the delivery of your bike if we do not have the correct name when we attempt delivery. To update these details please click here. 

*Large hotels with a 24/7 desk staff will be fine to accept your bike. If you are staying at a smaller hotel with limited reception services, please check that they can accept and store your bike when we deliver it the evening prior to your ride. If the hotel cannot provide that service, please use the following section to coordinating meeting your Livelo representative at the hotel when we deliver your bike. 

Non-Hotel Delivery

If we are delivering to a private residence, AirBNB style property, or business address, please provide us with some more information here so we can ensure the bike is delivered when required.

Bike Set-up 

Your bike will be set-up with the measurements and accessories you have requested in your Rider Profile. To edit these details, please click here to update your rider profile.