Hotel Quarantine Bike Rental

Hotel Quarantine Bike Rental

Livelo, like so many businesses in the tourism and events sector was heavily impacted by Covid-19.


Zwift Virtual Cycling Rental Hotel Quarantine


Although nothing like pre-Covid, we've been able to pivot and repurpose our bikes and equipment to help people confined to hotel quarantine. Our setup not only helps those who find themselves confined to a hotel room maintain their fitness, but the Zwift and FulGaz virtual cycling environments are a fun and interactive program that can help with your mental wellbeing too.


Zwift Virtual Cycling Rental Hotel Quarantine Hire Sydney


We deliver all the equipment that is required to the clients hotel; bike and smart trainer, map, fan, Apple TV, plus all the pedal options. If you have your own bike with you, we can just supply the smart trainer and additional items you need.


Zwift Virtual Cycling Rental Hotel Quarantine Brisbane


The setup allows you to ride using the Zwift or FulGaz virtual cycling platform. Ride virtual roads, enjoy structured workouts or take part in social group rides with other riders from all across the globe.


Bike Smart Trainer Rental Hire Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth Adelaide Hobart




You can book online here for Sydney and here for Brisbane.

For other locations, just reach out to us at we'll always do our best to keep you riding. 




And of course, Livelo can still provide our corporate partners with amazing virtual cycling activations. We have a range of strategies to work with the current social distancing requirements and can even create virtual team events for team members working from home. 



Enjoy a preview of our Zwift indoor cycling experience with this Livelo video. 



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