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Fine wine, beachside cafes, lakes and football; Newcastle has long shaken off the image of an industrial city. Local government is supporting the growth of cycling in the city with major spending on events and trails

So if you or a friend are travelling to the Hunter capital, don't miss the chance to enjoy some exceptional cycling. Livelo Newcastle will supply you with a high-performance Bianchi Aria to ensure you have an exceptional cycling experience during your stay.

Livelo is very excited to announce a new partnership with Two Wheel Industries, Newcastle's leading bike shop. Marek and his highly qualified team have witnessed the continuing transformation of the city from steel town to tourism destination. Say hello when you call into the conveniently located store to collect your bike.

Of course, Livelo can still deliver your bike to your hotel the day prior to your ride. Your bike will be equipped with all the accessories you require. All you need bring is your kit and shoes. Yes, it's that easy.

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To achieve fast rides it is important that both the bike and the rider are aerodynamically efficient.

The ARIA’s advanced aerodynamic design has been developed out of Bianchi's extensive wind-tunnel testing, ride data collection, and feedback from pro riders.

The Aria's aerodynamic performance results from aero tube profiles to cheat the wind’s resistance, resulting in the lowest drag possible.

For you the rider, full aerodynamic performance means creating a position that allows for the least air resistance. Rider aerodynamics are achieved with an ideal frame and fork racing geometry that allows for an advanced tuck position.

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Livelo offers customised guided road bike tours for cyclists visiting Newcastle and would like to have one of our trusted team guide them on a personalised road bike ride.

Our guided road bike tours are fully tailored to your requirements. Tell us what you would like to see, what type of terrain to tackle (or avoid) and how long you wish to ride. The pace of the ride will be set to your comfort level.

So if you are jet-lagged, 'time-zoned', used to riding on the other side of the road, or just not sure of where to ride - a Livelo guided road bike tour is just the thing for you.

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It's a big day out. 170km of scenic riding from Newcastle to Belmont and beyond as you track the edge of beautiful Lake Macquarie.

The ride from Newcastle to Belmont follows the Fernleigh Track, a refurbished abandoned coal rail line with a steady increment that is a fine way to warm up for the many miles to come.

Upon arrival at Belmont, you ride north via the picturesque bushland of Green Point. The ride stays mostly flat as you follow the edge of Lake Macquarie for the next 80kms of riding.

If you wish to reduce the total number of miles, ride as far as Speers Point for a selfie and then turn around head back to Warners Bay where you can enjoy some fine fish and chips and a scenic lake-side lunch.

Then is back to Belmont and onto the Fernleigh Track for the ride back to Newcastle and its beaches, where the perfect post-ride wind down awaits.

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