Sydney in July

Sydney in July

 July is a lovely time of year to ride in Sydney. Crisp blue skies, zero humidity and school holidays which resulting in a big drop in the number of cars on the road. The Tour de France is on SBS TV all day and all night, so there is plenty of inspiration to get our and ride.

Plus, many of visitors to Sydney are training towards major summer ride when they return home to the Northern Hemisphere and realise a week or two off the bike is a disaster when it comes to your summer training schedule.

Don't worry, Livelo is here to help. With our fleet of 2016 Colnago rental bikes, free delivery and free accessories (pedals, bottles, lights etc) it's never been easier to travel and still enjoy and awesome road cycling experience.

We've sweetened the deal by adding a 20% discount code.

All you have to do is use on of the following codes when you place your bike rental booking on our website or on the Livelo App.

You can download the Livelo App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


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